If you are going through a difficult time, trying to forgive someone in your life who has harmed you, then Radical Forgiveness could be the lifeline you need. It is an amazing and insightful book on the act of forgiveness and human compassion. When I was going through my most recent divorce, I could not get my hands on enough insightful books. I was determined to learn everything that I could about healing myself and my past relationships. I began to look for patterns in the relationships that I had chosen, and the people that I had welcomed into my life. This book came to me at the perfect time—when I felt confused about the end of my marriage, when I felt devastated and angry, and when I couldn’t find peace in the situation. If you, like me, have a very analytical mind, but are also an empath, you know this combination makes it difficult to process things that are out of our control.

From the moment I picked up Radical Forgiveness, I knew it had fallen into my hands at exactly the right time, as all of the books that I read do. That is my ever-present and ongoing gift from the Universe… I always stumble upon whatever book I need at the right exact moment that I am open and willing to receive it. I am always reading and learning about myself and always looking to grow, and I have grown so much in the past year. This book was a big part of my growth process and healing.

Radical Forgiveness can help you heal your past relationships with ANYONE and release the anger and blame that you hold onto. Then you can find peace and live a life free of resentment. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it? There are so many wonderful concepts to this book, but most meaningful concepts are that we are all souls on a journey in this life and we attract specific people into our lives for a reason. That reason is to heal hurts and past traumas, and to help each other work through the issues that hold us back as souls having a human experience. We are all connected, but we are drawing to us the people that we need in our lives to continue our growth in this lifetime. Often, the issues that we have with people and in our relationships are further, deeper elements of our natural healing from old traumas. However, if we aren’t awake to that notion and the things in life that “trigger” us, then relationships often fall apart or have issues which end in resentment and pain. Any relationship is at risk; love relationships, family, friendships and just plain old human interaction.

Shifting the perception of your circumstances, and the circumstances of the person that you want to forgive, really goes a long way to living a joyful life. This book talks you through the concepts of radical forgiveness and provides compelling stories that illustrate how you can become a lighter and happier person. A victim mentality is what does us all in when we feel we have been wronged or harmed by another person. You also have to factor in forgiveness for YOURSELF. Radical Forgiveness provides functional and easy exercises to really break through the forgiveness barrier so that you can get to living the life that you deserve.

I believe that the root of illness often stems from holding onto anger, resentment and blame, and being able to reach a more peaceful state of mind. It takes conscious awareness to begin to open up to the beautiful things, people and moments of our lives. You cannot live a happy, open and abundant life carrying around a bunch of bullshit baggage that doesn’t serve you. We have the power to change how we interact with each other, and if you can begin to see the people (and yourself) that are in your life as beautiful souls having a human experience, then we can find compassion for each other. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Love wins. Compassion is where the love begins. Happy reading—I hope that you enjoy this wonderful and healing book! https://www.radicalforgiveness.com

– The Giggling Guinea Pig