"Improv"-ing Your Relationships

Are your best contributions going unseen? Do you want to connect in a more meaningful way? Could you provide better solutions if you were all on the same page? Leanne provides tools for improving client and personal networking and shares strategies for deep relationship building in a workshop tailored to your organization. Find new ways to make yourself mindful and memorable while having fun!


Breaking the Fourth Wall

Leanne has been performing since the age of 3, but specifically in Denver since 2003. She is a professional comedian and also works as a commercial, film and theater actress. She can be seen performing on the weekends at ComedySportz at the Avenue Theater in Denver.

As an actress, Leanne has starred in Ba Naché dol Fonn Baeo (2010), Puck Neck (2012) and MerryVille, USA (2018). Ba Naché, directed by Brad Stabio, shows ultra-cool Fonn Baeo and his lover Moulousse spending a carefree day in the city. Reuniting with an old acquaintance, however, brings an unexpected twist to their charmed lives. Will their luck run out, or will love prevail?

Find out more about Leanne on her IMBD page.

Lemons to Lemonade Talks

Through the combination of meditation, Yin Yoga, talking circles, games, journaling, re-writing your story or a motivational talk, your group will explore the empowerment of taking back your life and happiness in a private setting with Leanne. There may even be dancing!

“Improv"-ing Your Life

Our lives have become so hectic that we’ve forgotten how to be present and live life to its fullest! By using basic improv techniques and skills, we can all learn how to become more present in our daily lives and interactions with each other and can have some fun in the process!  

Recently Leanne presented at TEDxCU with ten other speakers on the theme of Push & Pull. Life pulls us down many paths that we simply could never predict. Being able to push back against hardships and adversities helps us to continue and prosper on our unique life journeys. Leanne can meet with your organization to facilitate sharing stories of defeat, perseverance, and growth. Appropriate for corporate groups and community organizations, shoot, even book clubs, Leanne leads the group by showing how through being aware of our presence, we can change our lives and help to make the world a better place to live. Talks may include static presentations or interactive hands-on comedy workshops.

One-On-One Coaching

If you are:

  • Going through a divorce or break-up

  • In a job or career that you don’t love

  • Struggling to find your purpose or self-love

  • Dealing with depression, addiction or fear

  • Have an eating disorder or body image issues

  • Dealing with loss or tragic circumstances

  • Trying to find joy and peace in your life

  • Wanting to attract a great love

  • Trying to clear the blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals and dreams

If you are struggling with any (or all!) of these issues, I have a program that can help you. I will help you overcome your perceived obstacles to happiness so that you can get to living your best life! Change doesn’t have to be daunting and overwhelming. Change can be fun—it’s all attitude. Life is short. Let’s make yours exactly what you want it to be!

That's Me On Top

Leanne is always curious about exploring hard topics, especially when it’s in the name of good works. Leanne’s creative partnership with her choreographer and networking group Boulder Leading Ladies produced a breathtaking piece about the challenges of supporting each other… “Being a parent is hard, being a woman is hard, shoot, being a human is hard.”

Based on the hit TV show, DWBS features local celebrities who are partnered with professional dance instructors and undergo an exhilarating months-long rehearsal process to prepare for competition in front of a live audience. Fans and audience members are invited to vote with their dollars for their favorite team, and the team which raises the most is named the champion! These contributions support essential programs and services at the YWCA and in our community.

Fast forward to 48:30 min. to see Leanne & Allison’s performance from October, 2018.