I am loving this vegan version of Caprese Salad! My favorite thing is to provide an amazing vegan dish at parties and introduce my friends to how delicious vegan cooking can be. This combination was so easy to make and is a great option for a light meal, snack or an appetizer. The secret YUM ingredient is the raw coconut vinegar—it is a rich source of many nutrients like B vitamins—and is also a source of gut-friendly bacteria known as probiotics due to the 8- to 12-month fermentation process.

This nourishing salad took 5 minutes to prepare and is such a versatile dish. I will definitely be making this for future dinner parties!


Hot House Tomatoes


Fresh Basil Leaves

Drizzle to taste:

Red Onion Shavings

Olive Oil

Raw Coconut Vinegar

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

White Pepper

Layer to assemble and serve. Happy eating!

-The Giggling Guinea Pig