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Empowering everyone to live their best and most joyful lives

Arming everyone with the knowledge that they are amazing

My mission is to help empower everyone to live their best and most joyful lives by finding their true purpose and passion. I want to help guide you through difficult times, times when you feel lost or devastated or fearful, and show you how to find light in the darkness. You are amazing and you deserve everything.

I can help you heal heartbreak and loss and move forward with gratitude, regardless of the circumstances. When you clear your blocks and rewrite the untrue stories that you’ve told yourself, you can accomplish your goals and live the life of your dreams.

My Passion

TRUE POTENTIAL. TRUE JOY. These aren’t just words, they are attainable goals. After years of living a life that wasn’t up to its fullest potential, and knowing that I could be doing better, I found the tools that helped me unlock the door to happiness. My purpose is to share what I’ve learned with others. Overcoming obstacles, sailing through tough times and changing your perspective… helping you get there lights up my heart and soul! My passion is to help you start living the life of your dreams — we all deserve to lead lives full of joy and love! 

"Improv"-ing Your Life

Our lives have become so hectic that we’ve forgotten how to be present and live life to its fullest! By using basic improv techniques and skills, we can all learn how to become more present in our daily lives and interactions with each other and can have some fun in the process!  

Recently Leanne presented at TEDxCU with ten other speakers on the theme of Push & Pull. Life pulls us down many paths that we simply could never predict. Being able to push back against hardships and adversities helps us to continue and prosper on our unique life journeys. Leanne can meet with your organization to facilitate sharing stories of defeat, perseverance, and growth. Appropriate for corporate groups and community organizations, shoot, even book clubs, Leanne leads the group by showing how through being aware of our presence, we can change our lives and help to make the world a better place to live. Talks may include static presentations or interactive hands-on comedy workshops.

Trailblazer Interview

This September Leanne is featured in VoyageDenver, an online magazine that features Denver, Colorado’s most inspiring stories. Leanne talked with VoyageDenver about where she’s been and where she’s going, her struggles and strengths, and occasionally being super inappropriate.

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