Hello! I'm Leanne

I'm an actor, comedian, singer, writer, health & fitness nut, single mom to an amazing son and all around girl boss!

Welcome to the Giggling Guinea Pig!

I want to help women to clear the blocks and the untrue stories that they believe about themselves and move past fear so that they can find their passion and purpose, accomplish their goals and live the life of their dreams. Change your attitude, change your life. And let’s giggle a little.


Why The Giggling Guinea Pig?

The Giggling Guinea Pig came about as a series of things that ended up being a metaphor for my life.

I have gone through quite a journey to get me to this point in my life and the “giggling guinea pig” took on a new and very profound meaning. It really means something to me in that I feel my journey through this life and the things that I have been through and experienced so far have all led me to this place of being in love with my life and wanting to share the lessons that I’ve learned. I have, in a sense, been the guinea pig learning through experiences and figuring how to get through difficult times and come through it all with a smile on my face and joy in my heart! And a hell of a lot of jokes! Laughing is key.

I am so excited to begin to share my life and my stories with you! It is my hope that if you are reading this and you are going through something difficult…heartbreak, loss, devastation, divorce, job loss, confidence issues, addictions, body image issues, career issues or just not living up to your potential, then you will find some inspiration and guidance on how to turn everything around and get to living your best life! Life is about exuding love and joy. It is true that everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. I can help guide you to your most beautiful self!

Setbacks are stepping stones to a more beautiful life and to finding your true purpose.

– Leanne Jewell

As a professional actor and comedian, I have trained for years in all forms of improvisation and acting. I will teach you skills that incorporate improv practices into your daily life to change your confidence, frequency and vibration in the world. I also have an associates degree in Natural Health & Holistic Nutrition and have studied many many forms of different therapies and ways of eating. I am a certified spirit reiki practitioner and a certified yin yoga teacher. I am the Owner & CEO of Jewell Event Design, which is a wedding and event planning company that I built from the ground-up.

My life experience is my other training… the best training there is. In my lifetime, I have gone through some pretty difficult times (sexual abuse, tragedy and death; eight different surgeries and a myriad of health issues; BII; three marriages (which led to three divorces and those, in and of themselves, are experiences); heartbreak and devastation; an eating disorder and body image issues; and loss of my last chance at a baby after spending two years trying to bring him into this world. My experiences in those times have led me to a life of helping others get through things that often leave people feeling depressed and hopeless. I have done the work through trial and error throughout my experiences. I know what works to fully manifest a beautiful life and find joy in every moment… even during your darkest times.